his is our AI.

ince its foundation in October 2017, AI Impact Alliance has been advocating for a strong regulatory framework that would allow Canadians and its global economic partners to benefit from the immense potential AI offers, while protecting citizens against its risks.

June 15th 2022, Canada tabled AI and data legislation, Bill C-27.

It’s an entire ecosystem’s shared success.

For the first edition of the AI on a Social Mission Conference, held in January 2018, our headline was “Super Heroes or Killer Robots: What’s our Artificial Intelligence going to be?” With Bill C-27, Canada is setting high standards to protect citizens against privacy invasion, biased algorithmic systems and their impacts on human rights. In 2022, we can be more confident that “our AI” will be not only responsible, but it will be mission-oriented, striving to accelerate the achievement of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Canadian AI government strategy has ranked 1st in the world, international digital economy partnerships have been signed and, as we speak, global collaborations are strengthening to ensure a strong economic recovery and face threats to the well-being and security of millions of people. In the past 4 years, important efforts have led to the creation of academic research labs and AI Impact Alliance is a co-founding Civil Society Organisation of two of them, OBVIA and the Responsible AI Consortium, bringing together over 500 academic researchers to study the ethical and social impacts of AI.

I have had the honour in the past 5 years to advise government and industry leaders, including as a member of the Advisory Council on AI of Canada, on this historical piece of legislation, the AI and Data Law. I’ve had the honour to work closely with social entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, NGOs and cultural organisations to ensure that a large and diverse number of citizens who understood the implications of AI, were heard, and that their voices shaped the governance of AI.

Now that we have a key piece of legislation to govern the development and deployment of AI, it is critical to understand its ins and outs. That’s why I’m really excited to announce that we are going to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the AI Impact Alliance with a very special edition of the AI on a Social Mission Conference!

Curating this year’s program to illustrate how the tabled AI and Data legislation will support the deployment of Responsible AI makes me proud of 5 years of hard work motivated by the trust that ultimately “Our AI” would mirror our values.

Let’s be proud together of this collective achievement on November 17th 2022! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information!

We will soon announce:

-a free webinar to introduce key elements of Bill C-27

-the dates for the You and AI on Board game co-design workshops

-the details about the AI on a Social Mission Conference including partnership plans and ticket sales.

Photo Hombeline Dumas



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Valentine Goddard

Valentine Goddard

Advisory Council of Canada/United Nations expert on AI & Data Policy & Governance; Lawyer/Mediator/Curator; Socioeconomic, legal, political implications of AI.